We are about connecting people with food

About Plated Asia

Plated Asia is a food related entertainment platform that aims to inspire and ignite curiosity of food enthusiastic to explore different recipes and preparation methods.

To be able to enjoy not only the process of making food but also to be able to savor the food is a fun filled experience for one. Food knows no boundaries so our platform acts as a community for each other to learn and share. We believe that with video recipe guidance, everybody has a chance to try cooking and baking.


Meet the Founder

Bobby Ong, Founder and Producer

Bobby Ong

Founder and Producer Bobby Ong is a self-taught photo-and-cinematographer.

It all started in his kitchen back in January 2017. With a passion for cooking, some knowledge in videography and an old digital SLR camera, he shot his first recipe video and published it on Facebook. In just a few days, the video has been viewed over 30,000 times. It was the One-Pot Hainanese Chicken Rice recipe.

In February 2017, Plated Asia Facebook channel was officially announced. Bobby cooked and shot each and every video by himself, at the same time improving his culinary, videography and video editing skills. The most successful video was the Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Wings recipe. It was viewed over 285,000 times.

In just 6 months, Bobby has successfully driven Plated Asia’s Facebook channel and gained over 10,000 followers and generated over 500,000 viewerships.

Today, Plated Asia operates with a mission: “to connect people through premium quality food related entertainment content”.