Golden Egg Fried Rice


Step into the vibrant world of “Golden Egg Fried Rice (黄金炒饭),” where simplicity meets pure indulgence! This dish is a culinary dance of flavours, crafted with love and a handful of everyday ingredients like leftover rice, golden egg yolks, succulent prawns, and the fresh snap of green onions. No MSG here—just good, honest cooking that might raise an eyebrow from Uncle Roger himself!

In this lively rendition of a classic, we take the humblest of ingredients and transform them into a symphony of taste. Imagine the crackling of the egg yolks as they coat each grain of rice, turning it into a golden canvas ready to embrace the umami-rich prawns. The fragrant dance of green onions ties it all together, creating a dish that’s a feast for the eyes and a party for your palate.

While Uncle Roger might be a fan of his MSG, we’ve taken a different route, letting the natural flavours of the ingredients shine. This Golden Egg Fried Rice is not just a meal; it’s a celebration of simplicity, a reminder that the most extraordinary dishes often come from the simplest of beginnings.

How to Make Golden Egg Fried Rice

Prep Time
15 minutes

Cook Time
15 minutes



Main Ingredients
2 servings of leftover rice
4 egg yolks
6 prawns
1 to 2 stalks of green onions, chopped
4 tbsp cooking oil

White pepper


  1. In a large mixing bowl, add leftover rice. Make sure the rice is at room temperature.
  2. Add egg yolks. Mix until all the rice grains are coated with egg yolk. Set aside for at least 20 minutes.
  3. Carefully, “butterfly” the prawns, devein and diagonally cut each side of the prawn into 2 or 3 parts.
  4. Heat a wok on medium.
  5. Add cooking oil. Carefully swirl the oil to coat the wok.
  6. Add the egg-coated rice. Press and flatten the rice. Cook for about a minute or two.
  7. Stir-fry the rice until the eggs are cooked.
  8. Add prawns. Stir-fry for a minute or until the prawn turns slightly pink.
  9. Add sugar. Continue to stir-fry all the ingredients until the prawns are cooked through.
  10. Add salt and pepper to taste. Give it a quick toss.
  11. Off the heat. Add green onions and give it a final toss.
  12. Serve while it is still hot. Enjoy!