Do You Remember These 10 Snacks from The 90s?

Kids these days will never understand.

Bobby Ong

Plated Asia Producer
The Roti Man —

Do you remember the “BO-BEH-BO-BEH” honk from the roti-man back in the 90’s? Do you still remember the snacks we used to munch on as kid? These snacks may not be pricey, but the childhood memories that we grew up together with are priceless.

Ready to go down your memory lane? Here’s a list of our favourite snacks to let you reminisce the good old times:

1. Ding Dang and Tora

Ding Dang and Tora

When the TV airs, “Tora datang lagi!”, we would run to the nearest “Kedai Serbaneka” to a box of Tora – a cheaper version of Kinder Bueno. Kids usually buy these for the small toy that comes with it instead of the chocolate-coated biscuit balls. Kids were so much easier to be surprised back then because the toys were quite simple.

2. Sugus


Available in several fruity flavours, this chewy candy is recognisable by its colourful wrapping paper and square in shape. Do you know that Sugus is a Wrigley Company’s brand, and the candy originated from the Swiss chocolate company Suchard, who created it in 1931?

3. Marukawa Fusen Bubble Gums

Marukawa Fusen Bubble Gums

In the 90’s, getting a tattoo as a kid has never been easier – just get a bubble gum wrapper!

Marukawa Confectionery is a Japanese confectionery company, manufacturing and selling Marukawa brand bubble gums for over half a century. Their famous products include the Marble Bubble Gum in fruity flavours like orange, strawberry and grape, as well as Tattoo Fusen Bubble Gum that is notable for the water-based temporary tattoo that comes in the product’s wrapper.

4. Haw Flakes

Haw Flakes

Dark purple in colour, these thin slices of haw flakes are Chinese sweets made from the fruit of Chinese hawthorn. Traditionally haw flakes used to be given to children for the deworming of digestive tract parasites. Sometimes we will consume the haw flakes for sweetness after the bitter Chinese herbal medicine.

5. Push Pop

Push Pop

You push it, you lick it, you cap it, and you save it. A sweet, fruit flavoured lollipop, kids are fascinating with its unique gimmick and colourful packaging too. Oh, it also colours your tongue!

6. Eyeglass Candy

Eyeglass Candy

The colourful chocolate milk beans may not be tasty as Smarties, but it makes a perfect superhero mask when you attach rubber bands to the sides of the packaging.

7. Choki-Choki


Made of creamy milk chocolate in paste form, the enjoyment is to squeeze the brown sticky goodness out from a slim plastic tube into our mouth. Also good along with bread.

8. MAMEE Noodle Snack

MAMEE Noodle Snack

Still remember a blue monster saying “MA-MEE~~~” after gulping a whole pack at the end of the commercial?

MAMEE Monster has built a strong affinity with children through the lovable blue monster mascot since 1972. It is a very affordable treat with fun little rewards like stickers and temporary tattoos that come together with the crunchy instant noodle alike snack.

9. Yan Yan

Yan Yan

A Japanese snack made by Meiji Seika, Yan Yan comes with crunchy biscuit sticks and flavoured dipping sauce like chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. You can eat the biscuit itself, or use finger to ‘scoop’ the dipping sauce, or the standard way to dip the biscuit into the sauce, either ways Yan Yan is just fun to eat.

10. Nano Nano

Nano Nano

“Manis, masam, masin… Nano Nano… Nah Nah Nah Nah… Nano Nano!”

Do you still remember its nostalgic jingle that had us all singing along? Its unique hyper sour, salty and sweet taste will make your face twisted to some funny expression.

Feeling old already? Here’s a song for you:

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